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Hearing…a gift to share

Hearing impairment is a national and international issue that knows no boundaries. We believe that everyone has a right to better hearing healthcare and we make every effort to continue supporting the work of various organisations that are dedicated to alleviating hearing impairment in needy countries.

Some of our work to date includes:

[dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_h2 class=””]IMPACT UK – ACTION TODAY TO PREVENT DISABILITY TOMORROW[/dt_sc_h2]

Seema is on the Board of Trustees of the Impact Foundation (UK) which assists globally to prevent disability. She strongly believes in the development of solutions that help make hearing care more affordable and accessible in developing countries. Seema has been using her expertise to provide advice on the Affordable Hearing Aid Project which is aiming at providing cost effective hearing aids to developing countries. She is also a supporter of the solar battery charger developed by Impact. She also believes that ‘prevention is better than cure’ and hence the absolute belief that Impact is doing a wonderful job in its quest to prevent disability.

Dr Rupani is the Founder of Impact East Africa which has disability prevention projects in Kibwezi, Mwea and Embu districts. It covers hundreds of schools in the School Health Monitor Projects, Home Gardens, Mother and Baby clinics, Dairy Cow and Fish Farm projects etc.

[dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_one_half first][dt_sc_h2 class=””]TRUSTEE OF IMPACT FOUNDATION, ADVISOR ON HEARING MAKING HEARING AIDS & MAINTENACE AFFORDABLE AND ACCESSIBLE[/dt_sc_h2][/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half ]

  • Creation of awareness of the issue of hearing aid batteries.
  • Development of Impact Solar Recharger
  • Training and use of solar recharger
  • Negotiation on global level for rechargeable batteries for humanitarian projects.

[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half first][dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_h2 class=””]SOLAR BATTERY RECHARGER [/dt_sc_h2]impactsolarpic[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half ][dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_hr_invisible /]

  • Lack of batteries is often a major reason for discontinuing use of hearing aid
  • Batteries can be expensive and not readily available in developing countries
  • The Impact Solar recharger has a simple, ergonomic design
  • The Solar Recharger has been found to be cost effective and convenient
  • Rechargeable batteries must be available if hearing aid use is to be optimised.

[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_blockquote type=”type1″ align=”center” variation=”” textcolor=”” cite=”Claire Hicks, Former CEO, Impact UK “]

I truly value your contribution to the prevention and reversal of hearing loss through IMPACT, HCC, WWH and in other ways…

[/dt_sc_blockquote][dt_sc_blockquote type=”type1″ align=”center” variation=”” textcolor=”” cite=”Judi Stagg, CEO, Impact UK”]I cannot tell you how much we appreciate all your personal input to IMPACT’s work and greatly look forward to a long and fulfilling partnership.[/dt_sc_blockquote][dt_sc_h2 class=””]TRUSTEE OF IMPACT FOUNDATION, ADVISOR ON HEARING, REACH TO 18 COUNTRIES PREVENTION OF HEARING LOSS AND DISABILITY.[/dt_sc_h2][dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_one_half first]pic1[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half ]

Dearest Seema,


Thank you so much for giving of your time so generously for IMPACT. We greatly appreciate your advice and expertise and know that, together, we can help break through the sound barrier for many people in developing countries …


Claire Hicks, former CEO and Trustee of Impact Foundation

[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_full_width first][dt_sc_h2 class=””]ENT AND AUDIOLOGY DEPARTMENT, MNAZI MOJA HOSPITAL, ZANZIBAR[/dt_sc_h2]

As part of the sponsored work by Impact, Dr Rupani and Seema have assisted in the setup of ENT and Audiology services in Zanzibar. Seema fitted the first person to get hearing aids on the island of Zanzibar.

[/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_one_half first]mnazi2

Najwa Saleh, the first person in Zanzibar to get a hearing aid

[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half ]firstlady

With the First Lady of Zanzibar at the first Hearing Aid Centre, Mnazi Moja Hospital

[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_full_width first]They have both visited regularly to conduct training, surgical camps, hearing aid workshops, supply equipment and help to develop the services.[dt_sc_hr_invisible /][/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_one_half first]hospital1[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half ]hospital2[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_full_width first][dt_sc_h2 class=””]SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – TRAINING OF HEALTHWORKERS IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES – INDIA, TANZANIA, ZANZIBAR, SEYCHELLES, ETHIOPIA, KENYA, MALAWI[/dt_sc_h2]Seema is also on the Board of Trustees of the Hearing Conservation Council which promotes hearing conservation worldwide and has been instrumental in setting up ENT and Hearing Services in countries such as Cambodia, Kenya and Malawi.[dt_sc_hr_invisible /][/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_one_half first]girl

Nafikahedi – the girl who said her name for the first time, whose voice was heard for the first time after getting a hearing aid

[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half ]

  • Campaigned for creation of local sustainable development in terms of people
  • Supported and personally trained healthworkers
  • Helped with purchase and funding of equipment

[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_one_half first]13[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half ]42[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_full_width first][dt_sc_h2 class=””]WW HEARING[/dt_sc_h2][dt_sc_h2 class=””]WORLD WIDE HEARING (WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION)[/dt_sc_h2][dt_sc_h2 class=””]ADVISOR ON HEARING – MAKING HEARING AIDS AFFORDABLE AND ACCESSIBLE[/dt_sc_h2]Seema has always believed that hearing care needs to be affordable and accessible. She works with global organizations that have this vision and is an Executive Committee member of WWHearing, an NGO based in Geneva and affiliated to the World Health Organisation (WHO).[/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_one_half first]

  • Development of specifications for a low cost hearing aid
  • Development of WHO guidelines on the fitting of affordable hearing aids in developing countries
  • Development of a purchasing consortium to enable purchase of hearing aids at low costs

[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_one_half ]wwgroup[/dt_sc_one_half][dt_sc_full_width first]


Dr Rupani and his family have cosponsored the Lions Hearing Centre in Mombasa. Both Seema and Dr Rupani have regularly made visits to the Centre to supply equipment, conduct training and workshops and providing free services to needy patients.



In addition to regular support, Seema and Dr Rupani have conducted free ENT/Audiology services at this Centre. Nearly 100 hearing aids have been fitted free of charge and supplied with Solar Rechargers for batteries.




The first Centre of its kind in East Africa, this clinic provides hearing services free of charge to needy patients while sustaining itself by charging fees to affording patients. We have trained the staff on various Audiology topics, donated equipment and books and conducted workshops. Seema has been supporting this Centre since 1994. Her father, Mr Harish Rupani, was instrumental in founding the Centre and also continues to provide voluntary services.



We have been instrumental in setting up ear care and audiology services in Addis Ababa. Seema herself has made 3 visits to Addis Ababa, conducting hearing services, training local staff and donating equipment.

[dt_sc_blockquote type=”type1″ align=”center” variation=”” textcolor=”” cite=”Mr Lilay Michael, Child & Family Affairs Department Head, EOC, Ethiopia”]We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Miss Seema Rupani (Shah) for organizing the audiology workshops. The 30 participants were ENT & Eye doctors, and nurses who are directly involved in deafness preventive services in government hospitals here in Ethiopia….[/dt_sc_blockquote]

If you are interested in getting involved or making a donation, please Contact us

[dt_sc_hr /][dt_sc_h2 class=””]SMILES FROM NONAFFORDING PATIENTS AT SEEMA’S CLINIC[/dt_sc_h2][/dt_sc_full_width][dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_one_third first]smile2[/dt_sc_one_third][dt_sc_one_third ]Fannery, amidst the Rwandan genocide, was shunned by his parents who thought he was evil as he could not communicate. Seema diagnosed his deafness and fitted hearing aids. He is now interacting and has joined school. He has been adopted by a German family.[/dt_sc_one_third][dt_sc_one_third ]smile1[/dt_sc_one_third][dt_sc_one_half first]smile3

Girl from Kibera, who is now able to study Accounting at Strathmore College, after receiving hearing aids.

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Gladys- My Story

I was at home a lot. I was often sick. My ears hurt. My head throbbed. Then slowly I could hear less and less…. As I got older, my friends shunned me. I could not hear what they were saying. Often I could not lip read. I felt so isolated. The other students teased me. The boys made fun of me. Dr. Rupani worked on my ears for a long time. I saw him again. I could hear something. I thought it was my imagination. Soon I met Dr Seema Shah Rupani, at Mayfair Suites. When she did an ear test, I knew that I could hear. I cried with happiness as did Mrs. Keshavjee who had brought me here. I was given a hearing Aid. I was here! In a fine college with beautiful grounds. Lovely class rooms. The people were kind, the kitchens were really big. I learnt fast. I Passed. I continue to go to HMGC I inspire other girls there. I speak at their graduation. I am a role model.