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Price Guide

“Your hearing… priceless”

Initial consultations vary depending on the range of tests that are required to assess the status of your hearing . There is no further charge for hearing aid fitting and for 3 follow up appointments to ensure that you are adapting and getting the most benefit from your hearing aids.

A trial period of 21 days is offered on high end digital products. Should you decide not to go ahead with the purchase then refund, less an administration fee, will be made to you.

The cost of a hearing device depends on the technology. Digital hearing aids are getting more intelligent, sleeker in design and more miniaturised. Generally, the more features in a hearing aid and the newer the technology, the more expensive the hearing aid.

We offer a wide range of hearing aids, from the world’s leading manufacturers, at highly competitive rates. Hearing aids can range in price from KShs 25,000 to industry leading, state of the art hearing aids that can range from KShs 75,000 upwards.

A 1 year manufacturer’s warranty is offered on all digital products. This warranty covers the product for 1 years from the date of purchase against any defects in fitting, material and manufacture. Should any such defects arise we will adjust, repair or replace the hearing aid free of charge. The warranty will not cover:

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  • Shipping and clearing charges for sending hearing instruments to manufacturers for repair or service
  • defects arising from willful damage, neglect, misuse, accidental damage (including through repairs or alterations made by anyone other than SNR Hearing) or failure to follow the instructions provided with the hearing aid;
  • loss of the hearing aid;
  • the replacement of batteries;
  • a claim made without the completed warranty card or other proof that the product was purchased from SNR Hearing.