“Be who you want to be…. Your hearing won’t stop you”

  • Comprehensive hearing tests for adults and children
  • Wide range of digital hearing aids, with trial periods
  • Range of wireless accessories and other listening devices
  • State of the art techniques used to verify hearing aid fittings and benefit received
  • Residential and care home services, including training for carers
  • Advice on assistive listening devices, FM systems, loops, etc.
  • Group sessions on dealing with hearing loss
  • Tinnitus assessment, therapy and advice
  • Noise Protection
  • Custom made ear plugs for swimming
  • Comprehensive Ear Nose and Throat services from Dr Harish Rupani

How we work


  • Examination of your ears
  • Full hearing test and evaluation of your listening environment
  • Explanation of your hearing loss and future stages
  • Discussion of your listening goals and expectations
  • Evaluation of any existing hearing systems you may own
  • Advice on the most appropriate hearing solution for you
  • Ear measurements taken and choices of colour and sizes made
  • Written quotation provided including details on trial
  • Reports sent to your GP or ENT Consultant as required


  • Your hearing aids are fitted and adjusted
  • Your own ear acoustics are measured
  • Hearing Aid fitting verified with Live Speech Mapping
  • Assessment of your benefit and comfort are made
  • Explanation on how to use and care for your hearing aids
  • Information on how to get used to the hearing instruments


  • Evaluation of your initial experiences
  • Further adjustment and fine tuning of your hearing aids
  • Communication tips provided

ONGOING SUPPORT-15-30 minutes

  • Evaluation of how hearing aids are performing
  • Regular services of hearing aids
  • Full Warranty servicing as accredited by Phonak
  • Any further assistance or service you may require
  • Hearing Assessments as required